Born in Melbourne, Australia I knew from an early age I enjoyed technology and knew it would be a career I would pursue. During my time at Brunswick Secondary College I enjoyed doing the IT based subjects and was always playing around and learning new things as well as developing a fondness for languages, studying Italian at high school.

By the time I had finished high school I was unsure which path I would take with IT, would it be networking, systems administrating, web design or even coding, and what of my passion for languages. I attended Victoria University TAFE(VU TAFE) in hopes of finding my path.


At VU TAFE I first studied a General Diploma in IT, this covered all the basics of IT such as, programming (Java), Web design (Photoshop, CSS, Dreamweaver, JavaScript), Flash animation as well as Cisco networking and Business management (ITIL included) obtaining High Distinctions(HD) in almost all units.

During this time I had also taken up studying languages at Centre for Adult Education during the evening, obtaining my Certificate 4 for Italian as well as learning, French, Japanese and Korean. During my second year at Victoria University TAFE I studied Advanced Diploma of Network Security and Computer Systems Engineering, these subjects focused on Windows server 2008, Linux Redhat, VOIP telephony and Cisco networking as well as continuing Business Management.

I endeavoured to continue languages during this time and continued Japanese and Korean as well as learning some Swedish as well as a bit of Greek.

Upon completion of my course I obtained HD in all but a few units and begun my search for a full time position.

After some searching I was hired at Generation-e as a Level 1 Support Desk Technician, catering to large corporations such as Volkswagen and Audi as well as range of other businesses with various needs.

During my time at Generation-e I developed new skills as well as learned various new things, as well as beginning my path to Microsoft Certifications and learning about Telephony and Video conferencing.

After a year at Generation-e I moved onto another company, Combo. At Combo I still maintain a position as a Level 1 Support desk technician but have exposure to some different technologies and clientele.

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Richard Spano

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